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Things you need to know…

who, how, what and where.

Here at Ramiro’s Cantina we offer a variety of flavors for any palate.
Starting only the freshest ingredients, we focus on the customer’s preference to build the best recipes possible!

Things that will interest you!

Come try these today!

Our BBQ Sauce

Try our new line of BBQ sauces. They are homemade right here! There is sweet, savory and spicy. Each flavor goes great with chicken, pork and beef, especially with our Smoked Brisket. You can get some for yourself and get the whole group of flavors for your family and friends.

Our Drinks

We are always experimenting and inventing new drinks. Our choices in Tequila in the best! Our beer selection is expanding too. And our Margaritas of course are the best in town. We have weekly drink specials. Come with your family or meet your friends to visit, laugh and relax.

Our Specials

Stop by to see our specials. We are creating new recipes, appetizers and entrees all of the time. Mama Ramiro or course is the chef, and along with Ramiro they use their creativity, imagination and background inspire new and wonderful varieties to our menu.